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Angel treatments

What do you want to know and why? Is a question we can ask ourselves frequently but we often don't listen to the answer or notice the subtle directions life shows us in our everyday life. Angel card readings have the ability to accurately reflect what is happening in any person's life. Nothing of course is set, and the control is within you, you decide on your future, which is a highly empowering thought that we often need reminding of. Readings can bring about realignment, encouragement, aid a move forward or show us a change in direction. We all have the power to converse with our angels and readings can focus on their guidance, intuition and understanding to help us. Always remember interpretation is key and those with openness and willingness to grow can experience hugely beneficial personal development.

Angel Card Reading

This package includes a full consultation and session with myself and personalised summary and crystal/s to take away. A reading can be in person or online. On enquiry please message me your full name, date of birth and any questions you have.

Approx. 1 hour £45