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Crystal Treatments

Crystals are one of the most naturally powerful and uniquely produced minerals, formed over thousands and even millions of years. With a soul as old as time many of these beautiful stones hold a memory and therefore energy of their own. By gently holding a crystal and filling it with your own intention, this precious stone has the power to remember their new purpose and can diffuse any environment with those pure intentions. All you need is focus and intent.

Crystal Healing

This package includes a full consultation and healing session with myself, personalised summary page and bespoke crystal set to take away. Please arrive promptly and wear loose fitting comfortable clothes.

Approx. 1 hour £60

Crystal Reading

This package includes a full consultation and session with myself and personalised summary page and crystal/s to take away. A reading can be in person or online. On enquiry please message me your full name, date of birth and any questions you have.

Approx. 30 mins £45